The Ghoul Saloon Anthology

Come Celebrate the Apocalypse with Robbie the Ghoulie

We are excited to announce Robbie the Ghoulie was accepted into the The Ghoul Saloon Anthology from Static Movement, edited by Ron Koppelberger.

Cover art to follow soon – here’s the deets.

What they wanted: For this anthology I would like stories about Ghouls… or dead. In Bars, in cars in the wild west, in school and maybe even on the moon! Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls in any world you would like… ” …we’ll all have a drink on the ghoul!” might be a line from one of the stories chosen for this anthology. Humor is ok and so is outright horror.

So we combined humor and horror!  Stay Tuned for the upcoming details.


Previous publishing credits for Robbie the Ghoulie.

Robbie the Ghoulie on Danse Macabre On-Line Literary MagazineToday we are excited to announce Robbie the Ghoulie  makes his debut!  Now featured in both Cynic Magazine and the fantastical Online Literary Magazine, The Danse Macabre, Robbie is getting the word out on smoked brains.  We are very honored to be apart such great publications.

Robbie the Ghoulie is a humorous take on meat preservation when the power goes out during the human/vampire apocalypse.  A thawing freezer-box full of brains isn’t Robbie’s only problem.  How can he possibly keep his stash safe from impending deaders, if they run out of provisions?

Need a great recipe for smokin’ brains?  Well look no further, ’cause Robbie has got ya covered 😉

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