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Children of Angels

"Banshee" Art Provided by Moonxels ~ David Demaret
You can listen to Killion Slade's winning entry for the 2012 Wicked Women Writer's challenge here. Children of Angels was written and performed by Mrs. Slade of the husband and wife writing duo. ”The Children of Angels” by Killion Slade 2012 Wicked Women Writer Challenge - Horror Takes No Holidays We were each assigned a holiday, an item, and a [...]

Grief and The Personality Types for My Characters

It wasn't until I lost my most beloved kitty, several family members, and my job, that I experienced the true, horrific pangs of life change and all the lovely stages of grief that goes with it. It had been almost 8 years since we lost our baby daughter and I had all but grown numb from that event. The new losses helped me express and move through those [...]

And the Name My Puppy Contest Winner Is … Drumroll Please

Drakkar - Killion Slade's New Puppy
The Winning Puppy Name is Drakkar!We had a huge turn-out for the "name my new puppy contest" and today we have a winner. We had some super suggestions and one of my favorites was Kronk, but it didn't get the votes to win.  Check out the Facebook poll below to see all the names :)We have chosen a participant who voted for the winning name to have a [...]

Obfuscate Reader Reviews – Launch Week

Obfuscate - Book 2 from Killion Slade
It's Monday and it's already been one heckofva launch week!  I'm sooooo excited to have already received such amazing reviews on the second book of the World of Blood series.I'm featuring Exsanguinate - Book One Free this week on Amazon and my goal is to give away 5000 FREE Books!  Yes, that's 5000!  The sale has been on for 18 hours and we have already [...]

Enter Stage Left: Drakkar the WerePyr

Drakkar the WerePyr by Killion Slade
Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is a mom whether it is for a kidlee, a furbaby, plant, or a feathery friend. Even if it slithers, crawls, or hops!  If you love it, then claim your special day :) <3My mother is fulfilling her bucket list and we are trying to help her check off as many items as she can.  One of them was owning a Great Pyrenees. The [...]

Confessions from a Chicken-Shit Geocaching Ghost Hunter

Ghost Radar Mommy Screenshot
Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to indulge in a Hollywood ghost hunting tour. Inspired by my friend, Faith Dincolo - Ghost Hunter, I had always wanted to go on one of these expeditions and was happy I finally did. I searched on yelp and trip advisor for the best tours and came across a delightful lady from the City of Dark Angels Tours. I knew [...]
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