2013 Wicked Women Writer Challenge

>What is the Wicked Women Writer Challenge?

A challenge to all women horror writers, published or unpublished.  Not only do you get to show off your prose, but we challenge you to perform your story onto a podcast MP3 recording for all our listening pleasures.

And you don’t want to deny us any pleasures no do you ūüėČ ¬† That’s right ladies – we KNOW you’ve got the guts to pull it off!


2013 Theme: How Will You Survive?

Each story is limited to a ten (10) minute audio podcast from a story they crafted around the following criteria.

Premise:  Real life everyday horror stories of how people would survive in an apocalyptic situation.  Where will you be when the inevitable strikes?  The office, stuck on the freeway, a public toilet?

How will  the end of the world strike?  EMP Blasts, Super Volcano, Terrorist Invasion, or maybe even Zombies!  Will you be prepared?  What Will You Do to Survive?

Caveat Disability:  You are trapped in your location. You unfortunately have an untimely disability.  Whatever or whoever is trying to kill and possibly eat you.  What Will You Do to Survive?

Upon acceptance in to the 2013 Wicked Challenge your destiny will fall under the control by the Norns РHands of Fate.  

Wyrd, Verdandi, and Skuld the Norns Hand of Fate will determine how you will live or die with a role of the runes.

So Ladies? ¬†Are you ready for the challenge? ¬†Let’s show these men folk just how bad-assery we can get when we are trapped and something wants to either kill us or eat us – or both!


 Who Will Become Most Wicked for 2013?


 More information can be found at How Will You Survive?  2013 Wicked Women Writer Challenge 


Killion Slade ~ 2012 Wicked Women Writer Challenge Winner!

2012 Wicked Women Writer Award
Thank you to everyone who listened and voted for my story “Children of Angels”. ¬†This was an incredible contest with writing the story and then performing the story into a podcast production with sound effects and mixing. ¬†I am honored to help bring in the 2013 Wicked Women Writers for the next contest! ¬†You can listen to the winning story¬†The¬†Children¬†of Angels¬†¬†here on this website.


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