Author Interview: Joshua Rex – The White Boy

On our third day of our Wrapped in White tour, we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Joshua Rex. Joshua’s story titled The White Boy was a well written horror story of a child’s death, a grieving father, and an unexpected outcome for both.

Joshua Rex - Author of The White Boy

Joshua, what inspired you to submit to the Wrapped in White anthology?

JRX: I submitted to “Wrapped in White” after seeing the posting on The Horror Tree. I thought the idea of the theme being based around a specific color was interesting and allowed for a lot of variation- but still the reader knows what they’re getting. The “Wrapped in Red” and upcoming “Wrapped in Black” also work within that range, which for me personally is much more interesting that anthologies based around “ghosts” or “zombies” or “witches” specifically.

This story had a very twist a reader wouldn’t expect – it was a very sad story with closure. At least that is how it left me after reading. Where did the inspiration come for glowing white color that wouldn’t come off?

JRX: Thank you! It was one of those organic things that came during the first draft. I think it sprung from the notion of the boy being freshly dead and his form being somewhere between life and death; like residual body heat after the heart stops which slowly dissipates.

What are your three favorite book series and how do you think they have influenced your writing?

JRX: When I was a teenager I loved the Vampire Chronicles. They taught me how to appreciate the language in writing. The Lord of the Rings taught me to appreciate the journey through the story, particularly when writing a novel. Most recently I’ve been reading Clive Barker’s Books of Blood which are just brilliant!

How do you spend your time when you aren’t writing?

JRX: Feeding cats, washing cat bowls, cleaning up after cats. Ha!

Do you have a specific music playlist you listen to while you’re writing? Do you find different types of music can help or hinder tapping into a specific mood?

JRX: I don’t typically listen to music while I’m writing, though sometimes if my neighbors are too loud I’ll put on a Dustin O’Halloran or Rachel’s record. I think music can help tap into a specific mood indeed, though for me personally it’s usually while I’m on the subway or driving and thinking about a story and not in the act of writing it, which I find sort of distracting.

Here a couple of silly questions to bring out the human side of your life –
a) If you were an alcoholic drink, what would you be and how would people react to it?
b) Do you find inspiration for your stories while shoveling snow or cooking dinner?

JRX: a. A vintage red wine that would make everyone sleepy.
b. Yes! Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to pay attention.

What’s on deck for Joshua in 2014? Any new releases we can look forward to? Where can we find more?

JRX: I’m revising my first novel, a supernatural story about a virtuoso and his haunted viola entitled “Inamorta”, which I hope to have completed by the end of the year. I’ve also recently completed my first collection of short stories called “New Monsters”. Two of the stories from it can be found here on and here from Death Throes Webzine.

Finally, since we are all lovers of the horror genre – what is your deepest and worst fear? How do you cope with this fear or prepare to handle such a fear?

JRX: Losing the people I love is my deepest and worst fear, as I imagine it is for most people. I think one tries to prepare themselves for the eventuality every day, though it is impossible to really do so.

Where can we learn more about Joshua?

JOSHUA REX is a writer, painter, and musician who works as a luthier of stringed instruments in Boston, Massachusetts, where he lives with his girlfriend – the poet Mary Robles.



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