Author Interview: Suzi M for “Unseen” Short Story

Please welcome Suzi M aka James Glass aka Xircon to the fourth installment of the Wrapped in White Anthology tour. Suzi shares with us her inspiration for Unseen and how a real life experience came through in her story!

Suzi M Author for Unseen in Wrapped in WhiteWhen Wrapped In Red opened for submissions, I submitted a story to it and got accepted. It was my first time working with Jennifer, and she was awesome, so sending in a second story for the second anthology took about .05 seconds to decide yes, I wanted to send in another story, but this time under my pseudonym: James Glass.

Your story gave a new perspective on possible alien abductions through earth bound ghosts. Where did the inspiration come for slicing ghosts through humans and plastic bags rustling?

Several answers there, actually. I’ll start with the plastic bags, because that seems to be what grabs people who read the story the most. It’s based on a real life occurrence I experienced at my parents’ house in the Poconos.

For years we’d hear footsteps walking up and down the hallway and noises like someone was out in the living room digging through shopping bags. It wouldn’t have seemed weird except the noises would start around 2-3am and go until about 4am when the entire house was in bed. We always jokingly/seriously said as long as we kept the bedroom doors shut, whatever it was would stay out in the hall and living room, leaving us alone. This was true. Once and only once the bedroom door was left open just a crack. At around 2:30am I was woken up by the sound of plastic bags rustling in the living room. The noise just seemed to get louder and louder, and I wondered who the hell was out there and why they were digging through shopping bags… in the pitch black dark. As if sensing it had finally gotten someone’s attention, the noises came to abrupt halt, and heavy footsteps stomped down the hallway toward the bedroom. And then I realized the door was open. I did what any brave person confronting who the hell knows what in the middle of the night would do, I flipped over and pulled the blankets over my head then pretended to be asleep.

The temperature in the room dropped like a stone, and I heard the footsteps enter the room, the tread more tentative and less angry than it had been. As they reached the bed I felt something sort of moving along my back. It felt like when you sleep on your arm and it goes all needles and pins, but down the entire length of my body, and moving in a localized way. I was too terrified to scream. Finally, whatever it was went away, and it was the last time I ever slept with the bedroom door open, even a crack.

As for the creatures intersecting humans, I love to read about quantum theory and metaphysics in my spare time. The idea of a multidimensional universe just makes sense to me, so it was no stretch to think of two dimensional people with only an 8-bit graphic coloration running around and ‘possessing’ the three dimensional.

What are your three favorite book series and how do you think they have influenced your writing overall?

Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams, the Good Girls Don’t vampire series by Molly Harper, and the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. I wouldn’t say they influenced my writing, per se, though my James Glass Metatron Mysteries style has been compared to Douglas Adams, which was a major fangirl moment for me.

How do you spend your time when you aren’t writing?

I do a LOT of running around with my little maniac toddler. He’s obsessed with oldschool Mickey Mouse cartoons lately, so we watch a LOT of Mick-a-mouse, Don-duck, and ‘Goof’. We also play hand-puppets, and I suspect he wishes I had more hands so I could incorporate the lion, dinosaur, and rabbit puppets along with the fireman, the doctor, and a pirate that suspiciously resembles Frank Zappa (and is aptly named Captain Zappa as a result). I also knit, which keeps me sane, and play with my rock collection.

Do you have a specific music playlist you listen to while you’re writing? Do you find different types of music can help or hinder to tap into a specific mood?

It’s funny you ask that. I have a playlist for every project before I even get to the second page of my work in progress. As an example, when I’m writing horror I usually stick with dark Industrial and old Goth albums, depending on the scene. When I’m writing a club scene, as in the case of my second novel, LAMIA, I had an entire playlist filled with music I used to hear at the old Limelight in New York, back in the day. So depending on what I’m trying to convey, I have a playlist for that.

Here a couple of silly questions to bring out the human side of your life –
a) If you were a favorite pet animal, what would you be and how would people react to you?

Cat. People would spoil me rotten.

b) Do you find inspiration for your stories while washing the dishes or taking a shower?

Shower, yes. It’s annoying because I need to try to hold onto the idea long enough to rinse and dry off.

What’s on deck for Suzi M and James Glass in 2014? Any new releases we can look forward to? Where can we find more?

I will be releasing the third installment of the Metatron Mysteries a la James Glass late this year, I believe, depending how edits go. The other James Glass books  can be found on Amazon the James Glass Amazon Page.
You can find several novels and novellas written as Suzi M, also available in print and Kindle editions.

Finally, since we are all lovers of the horror genre – what is your deepest and worst fear? How do you cope with this fear or prepare to handle such a fear?

I have quite a few worst fears. My worst fear is the apocalypse via a nuclear assault. In such an instance, my only hope is that I’m blissfully ignorant there was an attack, and that I’m wiped out quick.

Where can we learn more about Suzi and James?

Suzi M writes for fun and occasionally profit. Currently, Suzi is working on a several new projects and has been known to release works under the pseudonyms James Glass and Xircon.  When not busy with her own work or getting pictures and autographs of people who recognize her on the street, Suzi helps support the efforts of independent artists, writers, musicians, and film-makers.

Where can your readers find you? Please list a website and any social channels you prefer to connect to your readers.

You can follow her on Twitter @xirconnia or join the Suzi M Facebook fan page at


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