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Grief and The Personality Types for My Characters

It wasn't until I lost my most beloved kitty, several family members, and my job, that I experienced the true, horrific pangs of life change and all the lovely stages of grief that goes with it. It had been almost 8 years since we lost our baby daughter and I had all but grown numb from that event. The new losses helped me express and move through those [...]

Enter Stage Left: Drakkar the WerePyr

Drakkar the WerePyr by Killion Slade
Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is a mom whether it is for a kidlee, a furbaby, plant, or a feathery friend. Even if it slithers, crawls, or hops!  If you love it, then claim your special day :) <3My mother is fulfilling her bucket list and we are trying to help her check off as many items as she can.  One of them was owning a Great Pyrenees. The [...]
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