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Obfuscate Reader Reviews – Launch Week

Obfuscate - Book 2 from Killion Slade
It's Monday and it's already been one heckofva launch week!  I'm sooooo excited to have already received such amazing reviews on the second book of the World of Blood series.I'm featuring Exsanguinate - Book One Free this week on Amazon and my goal is to give away 5000 FREE Books!  Yes, that's 5000!  The sale has been on for 18 hours and we have already [...]

Exsanguinate – FREE This Weekend!

Our gift to you and yours - Exsanguinate, World of Blood Book 1 is FREE this weekend.  If you haven't had a chance to stop by and grabbed yourself a copy - here's your chance!  It'll be available through Monday - please share our gift to those who love a good 'ole vampire, werewolf, and dragon tromp mixed into a contemporary modern gaming reality! We [...]

6 Short Stories of Suspense Reviews

Enjoy these six "minute masterpieces" of short suspense stories by Ezra Barany, Autumn Dove, Lila Rain Ekstrom, Jody E. Lebel, Christy McKee, and Kelly Whitley.  A delightful collection of tales to make you shudder, laugh, and cry. What do others have to say? "The newly released collection is like a box of tasty bites.  Suspense in six different [...]
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