D.M.Slate – Author Interview with Killion Slade

Who WIll Become 2013 Most Wicked?

Today we welcome D.M.Slate to the website as we bring our 2013 Wicked Women Writer Challenge interviews to a close.  Danyelle (aka D.M. Slate) resides in Colorado, where she completed a business degree at the University of Northern Colorado. She’s married to her high school sweet-heart, and together they have a young daughter and son. D.M. Slate’s first publication was released in 2009.

Danyelle’s apocalyptic challenge was strange matter or anti-matter and her location was an interstate freeway.  Her helpful item was a gas mask while her untimely disability was caring for an elderly parent.  You can read Danyelle’s story titled, Veil of Darkness while listening to the podcast on Horror Addicts.net.

D.M. Slate - Author Interview

How did you first hear about the 2013 Wicked Women Writer Challenge?

I was surfing the internet looking for dark fiction story contests, and I happened upon this call for submissions. Once I looked into the contest more, I was hooked!

What drew you into the fun of this challenge?

First and foremost – the theme – I love a great apocalypse story! Secondly, the challenge of creating a podcast, which I’d never done before. It was a new and exciting way to go about writing a story.

The Norns were pretty challenging this year – what did you think as soon as your assignment came through?

I was a bit stunned. My apocalypse was dark matter or strange matter….huh? I had no idea what that even was – lol! I began doing research, and at that point, it became very clear that a gas mask would do little to protect me against this scenario. I was stumped for a bit. I started the story several times and stopped, never liking the direction that it was taking, before I got things on the right track.

You used sound effects and music in your production extremely well. What was your favorite part? Hunting down the sounds to complement your words? Engaging sounds to escalate emotion? Have you recorded podcasts before? If so, where can we hear more from you? Gizmo was my favorite!

I’ve never recorded a podcast before, and I felt quite self-conscious at first, not liking the sound of my voice on the recordings. Once I got beyond that, it became a very fun experience. I can honestly say that one of my favorite parts was the podcast editing. I had a very hard time fitting my story into the 10 minute time frame, so I got down to partial-seconds in my edits, to make it all fit. Once the story fit, I overlaid the sound effects, which was a blast!

What was the hardest part about your challenge? What did you like best? Did you learn something new about yourself while doing this challenge?

The hardest part of my challenge was figuring out the story line, with the given constraints. I wanted it to be action packed, yet leaving the reader/listener curious and wanting more. I went about writing this story in a completely different way than I ever have, tracking down sound clips first, which gave me inspiration for the story. The option of sound effect adds a new layer to the story, and I love that!

What happened to Gizmo?

Honestly, I forgot about Gizmo at the end. =( He has a bigger impact in the audio version of the story that the written version, and in retrospect, I should’ve come back to him in some way. It’s open ended… maybe he ran out of the car into the darkness, maybe he’s hiding under the seat, or maybe Gizmo has black orb eyes, now? Who knows…muhahahahah!

What was that awfully scary little kid creature? GAH! You totally creeped me out with that one 😉

In my mind, the kids was a transformed… thing. =0) I’m not really sure what that is, but definitely something scary! Making that character a child is what gives it that extra flare of creepy.

Tell us more about YOU, your past stories, books, other artwork or music, your current project, and what’s on deck in 2014?

I’ve written several stories with dark themes, ranging from flash fiction to novels. I currently have a few submissions out, and I’ve just begun work on a new psychological thriller novel, Oculus Sinister. I’m very interested in recording more podcasts, too!

If you win 2013 Most Wicked, have you given any consideration to what your theme might be for when you hostess the 2014 Wicked Women Writer Challenge?

Oooooooo – there are so many possibilities! Poisons, vacation disasters, animal attacks – oh my! I get an evil grin, just thinking about it.

Be sure to check out Danyelle’s Book on her Amazon Page!

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