Horror Tree Planting the Seeds of Horror Submission

Dead Tree Books is currently seeking short stories for their debut, non-themed horror anthology, “Planting the Seeds of Horror.”

While they will consider zombies, werewolves and vampire stories, they’re not interested in the tired, clichéd subjects. So if your story features one of the previously mentioned ghoulies – make them unique, make them your own 🙂

What They Want!

“We want stories that scare us, shock us and horrify us!”  Leave ’em scratchin’ their heads and a little creeped out, ya know?

They want your imagination to run wild which is why they are not setting a maximum word count. However, they won’t consider stories BELOW 1,500 words.  Not a Flash gig – sorry Kelly 🙁

This is a NON-PAYING anthology (IE: no contributor’s copies will be given) Authors participating in “Planting the Seeds of Horror” will be able to purchase copies at a discounted price. All authors will receive a PDF (or any other preferred eBook format) as payment.

Please note they are strong believers how authors should be paid for their hard work. This anthology is exactly what its title suggests: SEED money so that we can someday pay our authors, artists and editors. It is our goal to turn Dead Tree Books into a paying market by the end of the year.

Short Story Requirements:

Stories have no maximum word count but should not fall below 1,500 words if your story is a hundred or so words short, it shouldn’t be a problem but understand that stories which meet the requirements will receive first priority.  Sex and violence are okay but should not be done in excess and without purpose. Swearing as well but keep it in moderation.

There is NO set deadline either. But get ’em in before the fill up!

NO REPRINTS! Bummer Dude!

They only want exclusive print and electronic rights to the story for one (1) year after the date of publication, after that time you can do what you please. They retain rights to keep the story and anthology in print as long as there is a demand for the book.


Please format your story in Georgia font. Size 12. Italics should be both italicized AND underlined. Single spaced. Include all contact information at the beginning of your story:

Name, Address, Email, Phone, Word Count

At the end of your story, please include a short paragraph length bio about yourself, written in the third person.  Send all submissions to deadtreepress @ gmail dot com.  Please include “Planting the Seeds of Horror” in the subject line.  Any other questions can be sent to the above address as well.

If this kind of contest suits your fancy, then by all means, it’s time to grow a garden!


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