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Who WIll Become 2013 Most Wicked?


Julianne Snow - AuthorToday we have a fun interview with author, Julianne Snow – our 9th entrant in the 2013 Wicked Women Writer Challenge.  Julianne Snow is the author of Days with the Undead: Book One. An author of speculative fiction with roots deep in horror, she has pieces of short fiction in publications from Sirens Call Publications, OpenCasket Press as well as forthcoming anthologies from Hazardous Press and the Coffin Hop Charity Anthology.

You can read along to Julianne’s story titled, Not All Jacks Are Created Equal, while listening to the podcast at the same time.  Be sure to check out her challenge entry. Julianne’s apocalyptic disaster was a super volcano and her location was a commuter train. Her helpful item was a bottle of Jack Daniels, while her untimely disability was that she was naked!

How did you first hear about the 2013 Wicked Women Writer Challenge?

As a listener of the HorrorAddicts.net podcasts, and a reader of the site, I found out about the challenge last year. I knew the challenge would be coming up for 2013 and I jumped on it as soon as I could!

What drew you into the fun of this challenge?

I enjoy a good competition where I can use my talents to help give me an upper hand.

The Norns were pretty challenging this year – what did you think as soon as your assignment came through?

To be honest, I wonder what the heck I was going to come up with! When I was first dealt my fate, my mind went blank. I could handle a super volcano while on a commuter train, but how could I explain being naked? In the end, I went a little more comical but I like the end result.

What was the hardest part about your challenge? What did you like best? Did you learn something new about yourself while doing this challenge?

The hardest part of the challenge was actually writing my story. It took me three times to come up with a plot that I actually liked. And there were times I cursed the Norns for dealing me a crazy fate more than once. But in the end, I persevered and I love my story.

I liked the creation part the best. I had to let the required aspects marinate in my brain for a few weeks and like I previously said, my first attempt didn’t end up as well as I would have liked.  As for learning something new about myself, I’d have to say no. I knew I’d come up with something I liked in the end, I just had to let the muses work it into something fantastic before I could unveil it.

You chose to not use sound effects or music in your story, but you used your voice to create the serious amount of SOL for your character. How did you come to this decision?

It wasn’t 100% intentional but in the end, I’m happy about my decision. As the story presented itself, it came from the mind of my main character. I did make a recording with sound effects but it didn’t sound right because of the perspective. Essentially ‘Not All Jacks Are Created Equal’ is a story told as an inner monologue. It made no sense to have the sound effects since the sounds don’t always play out in our heads. And I wanted my acting skills from years ago to shine through – which I think they did.

I’ll admit, when you did not survive your challenge, the ending scared the hell out of me! Continuing to tell the story as the flesh was melting off your bones. That is a picture I that will stay with me!

Thank you. I do realize that the challenge was titled ‘How Will You Survive?” but in the end, I didn’t think my main character would make it out alive given the obstacles in her path. Essentially she does survive in the afterlife though…

Tell us more about YOU, your past stories, books, other artwork or music, your current project, and what’s on deck in 2014?

As a writer who generally gravitates to the realms of horror, I’ve had a number of shorts released in different publications. I also have one novel currently released with another on the way before the end of the year. I’ve been involved in a few collaborative projects that should be releasing within the next number of months. If you’d like to see my complete bibliography, I have it conveniently at http://theflipsideofjulianne.wordpress.com.

If you win 2013 Most Wicked, have you given any consideration to what your theme might be for when you hostess the 2014 Wicked Women Writer Challenge?

You mean we get to choose?? How exciting!! Hmmm maybe something with extreme sports or types of rendezvous (job interview, blind date, family reunion). Oh, I’m liking the possibilities!

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