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Insatiable ~ The Magazine of Paranormal Desires

Insatiable ~ The Magazine of Paranormal Desires
Debuting 21 Oct both online and in print for quarterly publishing

What they want:

We are accepting all manner of supernatural, paranormal, weirdness, oddities, and whatnot so long as there is a romantic plot element. Time period is not a sticking point. Modern, period, complete fantasy/alternate reality all will be looked at. We want imaginative, well-written stories that are crafted with care. Not to knock it because there is a place for every good word out there, but porn without plot will not be accepted. Sex is good and natural and fun but it must move the plot forward. We at Insatiable are more interested with emotional content and that “oomph” that good writing evokes in the reader.

Also, we are not afraid of humor. Just because there’s love involved doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.

Rates: 3 cents per word. For reprints, we pay 1 cent per word.

Length: 5,000 words max. Please query for longer.

Rights: First North American print, audio and ebook rights are what we ask for so that we might present your work in all formats on this magazine. Like other quality publications, excessive violence is unacceptable. Your story will automatically be up for our “Best of” anthology, so we may also ask for anthology rights at 1 cent per word.

Submissions: Please send queries and other questions to:  Click here to learn more about Insatiable



No Rest For The Wicked Anthology

Theme: Think that watch was such a great bargain on eBay? Think again, Sparky. Some items have a history and we want to hear the gory details of what happened after a haunted object enters the picture. Click here to learn more about No Rest for the Wicked Anthology



Horror Tree Planting the Seeds of Horror Submission

Dead Tree Books is currently seeking short stories for their debut, non-themed horror anthology, “Planting the Seeds of Horror.”

While they will consider zombies, werewolves and vampire stories, they’re not interested in the tired, clichéd subjects. So if your story features one of the previously mentioned ghoulies – make them unique, make them your own :)  Click to learn more about Planting the Seeds of Horror submissions.

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