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Interview with Author Leigh M Lane

Leigh M Lane - Author
Please welcome Leigh M. Lane to the 2013 Wicked Women Writers Challenge. Here is a wonderful interview with her about her experience in this year's event and where we can find more of her work. Be sure to listen to Leigh M. Lane's podcast entry titled - Enter the Corruption this year.  You can also read along with her story while enjoying her fantastic [...]

Children of Angels

"Banshee" Art Provided by Moonxels ~ David Demaret
You can listen to Killion Slade's winning entry for the 2012 Wicked Women Writer's challenge here. Children of Angels was written and performed by Mrs. Slade of the husband and wife writing duo. ”The Children of Angels” by Killion Slade 2012 Wicked Women Writer Challenge - Horror Takes No Holidays We were each assigned a holiday, an item, and a [...]

No Rest For The Wicked Anthology

No Rest for the Wicked Anthology Edited and Compiled by Stacey Graham Published by: Rainstorm Press Genre: Horror Theme: Think that watch was such a great bargain on eBay? Think again, Sparky. Some items have a history and we want to hear the gory details of what happened after a haunted object enters the picture. Deadline: March 1, 2012 Target [...]

6 Short Stories of Suspense Reviews

Enjoy these six "minute masterpieces" of short suspense stories by Ezra Barany, Autumn Dove, Lila Rain Ekstrom, Jody E. Lebel, Christy McKee, and Kelly Whitley.  A delightful collection of tales to make you shudder, laugh, and cry. What do others have to say? "The newly released collection is like a box of tasty bites.  Suspense in six different [...]

Horror Tree Planting the Seeds of Horror Submission

Dead Tree Books is currently seeking short stories for their debut, non-themed horror anthology, “Planting the Seeds of Horror.” While they will consider zombies, werewolves and vampire stories, they're not interested in the tired, clichéd subjects. So if your story features one of the previously mentioned ghoulies – make them unique, make them [...]
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