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Obfuscate – Book Two in World of Blood Series

Obfuscate, the next book in the World of Blood series is set to publish in April 2016! When forever becomes real, it’s seriously intimidating.Cheyenne O’Cuinn has three tasks to scratch off her to-do list: rescue her sister from cannibalistic vampires, eliminate the man who threatens her family’s survival, and hunt down the villain who attacked [...]

The Super Market Anthology – Call for Submissions

World of Blood Series  ~ The Super Market Anthology Where do "Supernaturals" go shopping, pay their taxes, purchase everyday necessities, or hunt in live-feeding arenas?    Why ~ The Super Market, of course.   What: The Super Market Anthology - Think of it as a Diagon Alley Under One Roof In the Spirit of the Disney Infinity Games, I want to invite [...]

Angel Manor: Chantal Noordeloos Review & Author Interview

Chantal Noordeloos - Author of Angel Manor
Today I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing Chantal Noordeloos on her latest release, Angel Manor.  I met Chantal a couple years ago when she debuted her first podcast in the Wicked Women's Challenge for Horror Addicts. Her fantastic short story podcast still haunts me to this day. Now, her novel Angel Manor, will make me think twice about [...]

She Makes My Skin Crawl – Shenoa Carroll-Bradd

Shenoa Carroll-Bradd - Horror Author
Today we have the delightful and witty Shenoa Carroll-Bradd.  You might not think so after reading her latest story titled, She Makes My Skin Crawl, featured in Sekhmet Press Wrapped in Black anthology.  This story totally crawled under my skin and made me think about it for awhile.  Shenoa has an amazing warped sense of style, and her story [...]

Pigeon by Eric Nash – Author Interview

Eric Nash - Author
Legend!  Today on the Killion Slade blog we have the hilarious Eric Nash!  Having the opportunity to feature another Brit on my blog ... needless to say, I'm chuffed :D One day when I have the opportunity, I will cross the pond and hopefully visit all of the wonderful friends I've met online. Eric would definitely be at the top of my list. I asked Eric [...]
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