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Exsanguinate Free Kindle Fire Giveaway 2013

We are very excited to be a part of Tricia & Kallysten’s Very Paranormal Blog Hop and delightful happy to offer a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD, 7″, wi-fi, 16GB (no ‘special offers’ aka ads).  Authors Kallysten and Tricia Schneider organized this Very Paranormal holidays Blog Hop to share their love for paranormal romance, help you discover new authors, win books, prizes… and maybe a brand new Kindle Fire!  Contest Ends December 30th!

All you have to do to be eligible to win with us is to load a picture of our latest novel, Exsanguinate, from your kindle reader up onto Facebook and share with your friends.  (See our Example to the left)

We’re also offering a signed and numbered copy of Exsanguinate the print version to one lucky winner who shares the cover picture on their kindle reader on facebook.  Two great chances to win with only one action 🙂  Be sure to list in the comments that you have posted and leave us the link where you posted and we’ll get you tallied into the Grand Prize drawing of the Kindle Fire! * No purchase necessary – see bottom for details


Come on in the water’s great and let’s talk about Vampires today!

During our launch week for Exsanguinate – A Vampire Urban Fantasy Series – we learned how people are not familiar with many of the paranormal vampire mythos.  Most people know about Hollywood’s vampires who cannot engage in sunlight, only drink blood, and have zero conscience – they only want to feed on the blood of humans. Well what happens when you begin to take those old tropes and add a slant that could be plausible with contemporary living?  No, no  – our vampires don’t sparkle, but we have taken the old dead vampire and brought them up into the 21st Century. Our vampires are viable living beings until they meet their undeniable death – that’s when they turn into the sun-loathing creatures of the night.

In order to bend such a well accepted mythos in Vampiric lore, the author has to develop a strong world and logic to support such a slant, so the reader can entertain a change in their beloved mythos.  This is exactly one of the things we did in our new Novel, Exsanguinate.  When our heroine, Cheyenne O’Cuinn, find herself faced with an immortal decision, she quickly learns that she doesn’t have to quit eating, sleep in coffins, or chase werewolves in tight leather pants with a katana.  She certainly could if she wanted, but that isn’t her quest in this book.  Her quest is to save her kidnapped sisters from a dhampir breeding facility.  What is a dhampir, you ask?  A dhampir is a half human- half vampire child born from a vampire father and a human mother.

In Exsanguinate, our vampires are a combination of both old school Hollywood tropes and a new vampire that has daylight advantages to provide a plausible story line as to how other supernatural creatures co-exist among humans every day.  Here’s a quick little blurb about Exsanguinate and we hope you’ll pick yourself up a copy and enter into the Kindle Fire Giveaway by showing all your family and friends this new novel on your kindle reader.  Take a picture with your camera phone of the Exsanguinate book cover on your device and post it up into Facebook!  Easy peazy!



Be sure to visit all of these other amazing blogs below to increase your chance to win the Kindle Fire HD, 7″, wi-fi, 16GB (no ‘special offers’ aka ads).  Leave your comment below showing us the picture of the cover of Exsanguinate on your kindle reader, whether kindle reader, PC, or tablet and the link to where you shared it on Facebook and you’ll be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing of the Kindle Fire PLUS a chance to win a signed and numbered print version of Exsanguinate as well!

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