Paranormal Horror Short Stories

Want more Killion Slade?  Below are the links to our various short stories.  We thank you for reading and listening 🙂


We invite you to read more of our paranormal horror stories through these amazing publishers and on Amazon

Till Death Do Us Not Part – Featured in Evil Girlfriend Media Anthology Roms, Bombs, and Zoms.  Publishing Nov 2013

The Blood Mobile –  Featured in Sirens Call February Edition of Women in Horror Month – Feb 2013

Children of Angels – Podcast contest winner of the 2012 Wicked Women Writers hosted by Horror Addicts

Robbie the Ghoulie – Soon to be featured in The Ghoul Saloon Anthology by Static Movement

Dead as a Door Nail – Featured in their on-line magazine, Dead as a Door Nail gives second thoughts to simple home improvement projects

The Trophy Wife – The darker, edgier side to Killion comes out in this story.  NOT for the faint of heart from Draconian Publishing

Goodbye Bites – What would you do on the very last night with your beloved?  Goodbye Bites is a featured short story from Rainstorm Press

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