Randi Weston – Author Interview

Who WIll Become 2013 Most Wicked?

Author Randi WestonToday we feature a wonderful writer on the blog.  R.L. Weston lives in Utah amid what her husband refers to as a refugee camp for stray animals. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and  participates in the online critique group critters.org.

Randi’s apocalyptic disaster was dirty bombs, her location was a Zumba class, her helpful item was a workout towel, and her untimely disability was the children had been left unattended from the gym’s daycare.

You can read along with Randi’s story here while listening to the podcast at Horror Addict.net.  Be sure and check out her story!

How did you first hear about the 2013 Wicked Women Writer Challenge?

I believe I heard about the challenge on the HWA Facebook page.

What drew you into the fun of this challenge?

The challenge sounded like a lot of fun. I’d been going through a writing dry spell for a while, and I thought the challenge would force me to break it. I listened to a couple of the podcasts from last year and thought there was a reasonable chance I could pull off something similar… then procrastination got the better of me, as it always does, and what could have been an amazing story produced with two months hard work, turned into an o.k. story thrown together with one and a half weeks hard work.

The Norns were pretty challenging this year – what did you think as soon as your assignment came through?

Argh. I hated the “Zumba class” prompt so much when I read it. SO much. I was considering chickening out. There were some mighty curses for the Norns spewed in my living room that night. I also struggled with how I was going to turn dirty bombs into an apocalyptic event. Eventually I just decided to change the “dirty” part to a biological pathogen instead of a small radioactive fallout, which seemed to work okay.

What was the hardest part about your challenge? What did you like best? Did you learn something new about yourself while doing this challenge?

Randi Weston - AuthorThe hardest part of my challenge was committing to it. I was intimidated by the prompts and ready to throw in the proverbial “workout towel.” But, I’m glad I stuck with the challenge. I would have been really disappointed with myself if I hadn’t.

I liked recording the story the best. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the sound of my recorded voice. I very nearly break out in hives when I have to record a missed call message when I get a new cell phone. But, recording the story was fun. I like learning new things, and learning how to use Audacity might help me create a video for a Kickstarter campaign I’m starting soon.

I learned that I don’t have to insist on perfection. If I’d insisted on perfection in this challenge, I never would have submitted my story. If I can let an imperfect story AND recording be read and listened to by other people and be okay with it, then hopefully I can learn to let myself off the perfection hook a little when it comes to the rest of my work.

Tell us more about YOU, your past stories, books, other artwork, your current project, and what’s on deck in 2014?

I’m a freelance correspondent at a local paper in Ogden, Utah. I have started a lot of sci-fi and horror stories, but, due to the perfection problem discussed above, haven’t gotten around to submitting many of them yet. I’m currently working on a story about a reluctant Wendigo and her trials and tribulations. I’m also preparing to launch a Kickstarter project for a Northern Utah based periodical.

If you win 2013 Most Wicked, have you given any consideration to what your theme might be for when you hostess the 2014 Wicked Women Writer Challenge?

No, I haven’t. I think the competition is pretty stiff in this challenge and, frankly, there many women who are much more deserving of the honor than I. I’m just happy to have competed.

Thank you Randi for stopping by today!  Can’t wait to hear more about that reluctant Wendigo!

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