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Obfuscate Reader Reviews – Launch Week

Obfuscate - Book 2 from Killion Slade
It's Monday and it's already been one heckofva launch week!  I'm sooooo excited to have already received such amazing reviews on the second book of the World of Blood series.I'm featuring Exsanguinate - Book One Free this week on Amazon and my goal is to give away 5000 FREE Books!  Yes, that's 5000!  The sale has been on for 18 hours and we have already [...]

Obfuscate – Book Two in World of Blood Series

Obfuscate, the next book in the World of Blood series is set to publish in April 2016! When forever becomes real, it’s seriously intimidating.Cheyenne O’Cuinn has three tasks to scratch off her to-do list: rescue her sister from cannibalistic vampires, eliminate the man who threatens her family’s survival, and hunt down the villain who attacked [...]
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