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Author Interview: g Elmer Munson on short story “John”

g Elmer Munson - Horror Authorg Elmer Munson - Horror Author
As we make our fifth stop on the Wrapped in White Anthology tour, we had an endearing interview with g Elmer Munson. Scary looking dude with a wicked sense of humor! Elmer shares with us his inspiration for his short story titled  John for Wrapped in White. John has changed more significantly since the first draft than any other story I’ve written. In [...]

Author Interview: Suzi M for “Unseen” Short Story

Suzi M Author for Unseen in Wrapped in White
Please welcome Suzi M aka James Glass aka Xircon to the fourth installment of the Wrapped in White Anthology tour. Suzi shares with us her inspiration for Unseen and how a real life experience came through in her story! When Wrapped In Red opened for submissions, I submitted a story to it and got accepted. It was my first time working with Jennifer, and [...]

Author Interview: Patrick C. Greene for The Curse of Kirby

Patrick C Greene - The Curse of Kirby for Wrapped in White
I'm so excited to have the delicious Patrick C. Greene in the house today!  For the Wrapped in White anthology, Patrick chose to explore an old character to find inspiration for a truly naughty ghost.  Let's find out what happens!   The Curse of Kirby was the second story I submitted for Wrapped. The first was rejected by the publisher--my [...]
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