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Unabridged Blog Tour Book Release

Today I was asked to be a part of book release blog tour for Melinda de Ross.  Even though romance isn’t my first go-to genre, this was a fun, cute read at a second chance relationship.  I had a chance to interview Melinda as well as feature a drop in from her main character. If you love romance books, check out the rafflecopter entry to enter your chance at 12 ebooks and swag pack.

Author Interview with Melinda de Ross

I see you have several publications now available on Amazon. Which character is your favorite among them and do you have plans to bring them back to the limelight in another story?

I love all of my characters, of course, but I must admit that my favorite is Giovanni Coriola from ‘Dante’s Amulet’. He is the breathtaking combination of all the things I want and admire in a man, and I think he’s the dream man of every woman. I also love the character of Sonia Galsworthy, his lover, a twenty-nine-year-old target shooting trainer. She has a lot of me in her, and I got inspiration for her career choice from my own status of professional target shooter, in the ten years I practiced this wonderful sport. She’s the tough badass I always wanted to be when I grow up! 🙂 Unfortunately, other than the fact that I often reread their story myself and enjoy it immensely, I don’t have future plans for them. Some things just lose their charm if you dilute them too much.

Here a couple of silly questions to bring out the human side of your life –
a) If you were a dessert, what would you be and how would people eat you?

I think I would be dark chocolate. Not all people like it, but it’s an exquisite dessert for those who like to savor it slowly and lick their fingers after.
b) If you were a toy, what would you be and how would people play with you?
I’d love to be G. I. Jane Barbie! And to have kids dress me in camouflage clothes, paint my face and make up missions in the jungle for me.

What is something about yourself that most of your readers don’t know?

Hmmm…. That I was a professional target shooter for ten years, and that I am a graphic designer and make book covers under the brand Classy Designs (classydesignsbycoly.wordpress.com).

Since I am more of a paranormal, horror-romance type of writer I have to ask you: what is your deepest and worst fear? How do you cope with this fear or prepare to handle such a fear?

I am very afraid of heights. It all started rather weird with my dreaming I was out on the balcony and a sudden powerful wind tries to blow me away. Most of the times I managed to cling to the balustrade until I woke up, but other times I just fall… I’m just happy that these dreams don’t occur too often. In real life, I avoid looking down from tall windows or stairs. If I’m inside a tall building, I have no problem, as long as I stay far from the windows and open spaces.

What’s on deck for Melinda in 2015?Melinda de Ross - Author

Right now I’m working on a Suspense Romance/Thriller with Gothic elements. Think of a dark, deserted castle, torture chambers, blood and murder. On the other hand, there’s the intense sensual tension between the hero and heroine, and the infinite possibilities that present themselves when the two are stuck together, alone in the castle… I’m enjoying tremendously writing this book and I’m pretty sure I’ll feel sorry when I finish it, as I do with all of my books. After that, the sky is the limit!

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Unabridged Book Review

Unabridged Blog TourI particularly enjoyed, and associated with, the answer an author gave during an interview with an author. The question was “What inspires you to write?”

Her answer was “Life, of course. There’s no greater inspiration for fiction that real life, real persons, real dreams, fantasies, nightmares. We all have our little oddities, and that is something I like to exploit.”

While romance is not my main genre, I do like to expand my horizons, and Unabridged has certainly done so. The premise leads to many possible adventures, many of which could have been fleshed out a bit more to fully realize the plot potential.

Clues and hints were given about a co-worker who had possible feelings toward the protagonist, yet when nothing came to fruition I was left wondering why this character had been mentioned, besides being a possible red herring. Normally, a red herring will out itself in a different reveal, but we didn’t get that closure. I waited for the part of boy loses girl once again, but it didn’t come.  The overall tension in this HEA story could have upped the angst on the emotional scale to threaten that newly re-found relationship in order to fully enjoy the happily ever after.  As it is, you don’t get the feeling that their coupling is ever in danger of not proceeding.

Want to Learn More about Melinda?

You can check out Melinda’s Amazon Author Page Here

Author Bio ~Not long ago, to my surprised delight, somebody described me as being “charming, witty, supremely talented and dangerously fun”. I don’t know how accurate this description is, but I’m curious if the readers will find some of these features reflected in my writing. Speaking of my writing, I must mention that living in Romania – which is considered a projection of the enigmatic and much controversial Shambala, the supposed spiritual center of the Earth – is quite a source of inspiration. I have a native inclination to the occult and paranormal, to mystery and philosophy. The woman in me is a romantic and sensual creature. All these considered, I could describe my writing as being captivating, intriguing, sensual in places and, on the whole, a surreal experience. Enjoy!


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